and affordable fun regardless

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and affordable fun regardless

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Its February now. That means that many of the New Years Resolutionists are already starting to trickle out of the gym or give up on their home workout routines. Why is it that so many people fail to stick with their decision to get into shape?

Everyone has their own excuses. Everything from It?s too hard! to I just don t have the time has been used at one time or another to justify someone s lack of dedication. It seems most people just don t exercise the persistence they need to when it comes to fitness. Of course it doesn?t have to be that way. I think people get too wrapped up in the new hottest trend and get frustrated when they don?t see results after doing squats on top of a bosu ball for 3 weeks.

The truth is that getting in shape is easy. Well , ?easy? may not be the word for it but it is definitely not as complicated as we are sometimes led to believe. You don?t need tons and tons of weird (and expensive) workout equipment. You don?t need to go on a 600 calorie a day diet of nothing but onion soup. And you certainly shouldn?t listen to what most personal trainers tell you.

Weight loss really boils down to having a proper training program, a good diet, and dedication to achieving your goals. That?s it, that?s all you need.

When looking for a training program, stay away from anything you find in Woman?s World or Men?s Health and other magazines like them. They?re often gimmicky programs that are big wastes of time. Instead look to someone who knows what they?re doing, not someone trying to sell magazines.

Diet is pretty simple too. Keeping track of your calories and your macronutrient breakdown is a great start and one that lots of people seem to skip. Keep the carbs on the low side and try to get at least your bodyweight in grams of protein a day and you are already on your way to a solid diet.

Dedication. This is the hard part. This is where many people fail. It?s easy to think about getting in shape; it?s a lot different when you actually do something about it. There are no quick fixes. You can?t magically lose those 40 extra pounds in time for the weekend. You will have to work for all of it. That doesn?t mean you shouldn?t do everything you can to make it easier by doing workouts that actually work and not wasting your efforts by having three cheeseburgers for lunch, but you will have to work.

Once you start seeing results it becomes much easier to stick to what you?re doing. The first time a cute girl comments on how much better you look, or your cute coworker mentions how great that new dress fits will do wonders to keep you going. But those moments won?t always happen when we seem to need to need them the most. That?s when you have to remind yourself why you started working out and just keep going. If more Resolutionists were better educated about proper diet and exercise routines, and were more willing to stick with what they started, we?d be well on our way to a fitter society.
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Steve Goodman is a personal trainer and resident fitness expert at http:www.fastweightloser

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The first thing backpackers manage to do when they arrive in Sydney is always to dump their stuff down at the hostel, then head for a particular date at Scubar. Located right inside heart of Sydney, it’s accessible, enjoyable, and affordable fun regardless of the day of the week it’s.

Scubar’s catch line is ‘Sydney’s Top Backpacker Bar’, and you know what that means: it’s slightly quite as good as a cheap hostel, but below average compared to the rest of Sydney’s ‘premier bars’. That walls are cheaply decorated with flags and surf themed art and posters, and the bar looks like someone picked up a Hawaiian beachside bar and plonked it right inside heart of Sydney. But all of this aside, it is a great place if you’re a backpacker together with want some (neviem sa slušne vyjadrovať) Australian fun together with other backpackers (and several actual Aussies!).

Because Scubar is principally a backpacker bar, it’s a great place to go no matter what n.

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